4 Trends Shaping the Future of Retail eBook

Small businesses are cornerstones of the U.S. economy. They make up 44% of all business and employ nearly half the private workforce. When Covid-19 changed the world’s shopping habits, independent retailers dove into innovation mode to sync with rapidly evolving needs. This eBook will dive into 4 trends that are shaping the retail industry and that can help you thrive as an independent retailer.

Transform Your Business eBook

In the still young decade of the 2020s, digital transformation is swiftly shaping every industry in our economy. But in the retail industry, the impact may be greater than anywhere else. The levels of ease and convenience in shopping were not possible just a short time ago. In this eBook, you’ll learn how to transform your business to stay competitive in the retail industry.

The Process Automation Buyer\’s Guide

Download this guide to learn what process automation is, why organizations need it and how to procure the right software for your firm. How can contract management teams manage projects and initiatives globally, accounts payable departments process paperwork faster and human resources departments reduce manual tasks? The answer is automation. Automation makes human lives easier by transforming time-consuming busywork into seamless processes that accelerate how work gets done. This step-by-step guide teaches all you need to know about process automation including what it is, use cases, how to find the right system, factors to consider and the procurement process. Download this guide now and see how automation could help your firm:      • Increase focus on more strategic initiatives      • Grow your bottom line      • Boost productivity      • Improve transparency      • Reduce costs      • Spark innovation      • Identify bottlenecks early      • Make audits a breeze

Five Strategies for Driving Digital Transformation at Your Firm

Digital transformation is crucial to growth, but it’s not just about building value -- it’s fundamental to long-term survival. These days, growth is often tied to a common buzzword: digital transformation. But it can be hard to know what that means and how it actually stimulates growth. The key concept to understand is that digital transformation offers you the chance to reinvent your services, processes, and more. It prompts more efficiency and agility, so you can create better customer experiences that improve performance and drive revenue. Download this white paper now to discover what successful digital transformation looks like, as well as five strategies to help you make it happen at your firm. These include:      • The importance of a strong leadership team      • Strategies for the best form of communication      • Ways to foster a digital culture      • And more… Take steps now to lead transformational change so you can give your customers faster,...

The Top Five AP Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Imagine an accounts payable (AP) department with clean desks, no paper invoices or checks to cut, and regular eight-hour workdays – even during close. We live in a world where nearly everything is digital, yet AP still hasn’t caught up. According to the Association of Financial Professionals, e-invoicing has only been adopted by 25% of suppliers – meaning 75% of suppliers are still sending out paper invoices. The bottom line is, processing paper can cost you more than the ten dollars per invoice the American Productivity and Quality Center estimates. An automated spend management platform that eliminates paper from capture to payment can help protect your bottom line from these hidden costs of AP. Read on to learn the top five AP pitfalls holding you back from maximizing your savings and optimizing your organization’s cash flow.

Emerging Technologies in Field Service

2020 was a year of unprecedented disruptions for field service organizations. In addition to safety and health concerns, the shift to virtual operations and organizations’ ongoing digital transformations resulted in a renewed emphasis on technology adoption and optimization. As field service organizations continue to mature their technology deployments, 2021 could be just as transformative, if not more so. One capability—edge computing—has the potential to dramatically improve the efficacy of the field service organization\'s computing capabilities. This special version of the annual “Emerging Technologies” Field Service report will explore the sophistication of field service teams’ technology programs, revealing how organizations are tracking the status and reliability of their assets while meeting customer demands for service using new software and hardware

From Recovery to Resilience

As economies and geographies reopen, companies are preparing to return to work and business travel. The speed of recovery relies heavily on integrations and applications that supply critical data, whether that’s real-time intelligence around employee safety, spend management automation, or novel ways to engage and reward employees working remotely. The ability to thrive will also be driven by partnership. To date, over 200 of the most innovative companies have built integrated services to SAP Concur solutions – making the SAP Concur partner ecosystem a valuable resource for reimagining how companies manage their travel programs, make informed spend decisions, and care for their employees and the world.

From Cell Culture to Target Protein: Exploring the Benefits of the 24-Well Plate Workflow

The use of 24-well cell culture plates in laboratory applications is rapidly growing. Researcher are recognizing the advantages of 24-well filtration workflows to accelerate throughput, save time, and simplify processes. This new paper reviews the comprehensive nature of Pall’s 24-well filter plate line and explores the benefits these plates provide to protein purification workflows. You will learn:     • How 24-well filter plates simplify clarification, sterile filtration, desalting, clean       up, and buffer exchange applications.     • How total filter plate workflows deliver hold-up volume, target molecule       capture, and protein binding performance that are commensurate or better       than spin column and manual operations.     • The time and labor-saving benefits of applying 24-well filter plates. Fill out the form to download the paper.

Starting a bookkeeping business

Starting - or growing - your own bookkeeping business may feel daunting. In this e-book, we cover everything from getting accredited, determining your services and fees, business plans and marketing strategies, and more.

Why you should move your accounting practise to the cloud

Modern accounting firms are becoming more profitable and efficient thanks to cloud accounting software. But moving your business - or clients - to the cloud means changing the way you work. But it might be easier than you think. This article breaks down manageable steps you can take to move to the cloud with ease.

Client experience: the key to practice growth

What your clients are saying about you and your practise is the single biggest factor in your success, or lack of it, But very few accountants actually know what their clients think of them - so Xero asked 1,509 Canadian business owners what they value most about their accountants and bookkeepers. Discover what they learned in this client experience report.

9 ways your firm can find new clients 

Building a new accounting or bookkeeping firm or growing an existing brand is hard work. And driving new client growth is essential to your success. Especially when your time is precious. The best way to find new clients – or replace lost ones – is with a smart, proactive strategy. This article covers ways to identify your target audience, find the right business partners, build referrals, upsell services, network better, build your brand, and more.


Enterprises vary widely in the extent and maturity of their cloud deployments. What they all share, however, are deep and pervasive security challenges throughout their cloud journeys. Cloud architects and CloudOps teams struggle to accurately assess the risk of interdependent applications and application components. They are not sure how to best refactor application security as they transition from on-premises to cloud hosting or from private to public clouds. And they lack effective means to secure rapidly proliferating and potentially at-risk application programming interfaces (APIs) in multiple public and private clouds. Implementing DevSecOps principles can help overcome these and other obstacles. The Contrast Application Security Platform offers a unied approach to DevSecOps that maximizes DevOps and CloudOps efciencies. Combining security instrumentation and continuous testing with runtime application self-protection (RASP), the Contrast solution enables automated application security at scale.


Traditional application security scanning is based on decades-old scanning models that lack the capabilities to discern actual threats from a sea of probes that blindly search for any chance to exploit an application. These testing tools are slow, deliver inaccurate results, and lack contextual guidance to help developers fix their own code issues in real time. Organizations need modern scan-based testing—a pipeline-native approach that integrates into DevOps/Agile workflows, tooling, and systems. An effective solution should harmonize the objectives of development and security teams to enable both faster development cycles and higher-quality code at the same time.

DevSecOps Requires A Platform Approach To Application Security

Is your application security team at a tipping point in terms of keeping up with security debt, cyber-attacks, and all of the tools that need to be managed? You’re not alone. A different approach to application security is needed, one that embeds security in applications for accurate risk identification and easy and fast remediation. Read this white paper to learn … • Why legacy application security creates disharmony between DevOps and security • What critical problems inhibit DevSecOps from achieving its full potential • What to look for in a comprehensive DevSecOps platform • How the Contrast Application Security Platform offers the industry’s only true comprehensive DevSecOps approach—from development to production

2021 State of Open-source Security Report

Open-source libraries help software developers meet aggressive deadlines. As a result, these libraries and their classes continue to proliferate and grow in complexity—increasing the risk they pose while making it more difficult to secure modern applications. The 2021 State of Open-source Security Report uses telemetry from actual applications protected by Contrast OSS and Contrast Assess to •While the average application contains 118 libraries, only 38% of libraries are active. •The average library uses a version that is 2.5 years old—which increases the risk of unaddressed vulnerabilities. •The average Java application has 50 open-source library vulnerabilities. •High-risk licenses are present in 69% of Java applications and 33% of Node applications—exposing organizations to significant legal consequences.

DevSecOps Buyer’s Guide: Application Security

Traditional approaches to application security testing have not kept pace with the scale and complexity of today\'s enterprise software factory. Security debt compounds and risk increases. In response, many enterprises are reevaluating their DevSecOps investments. Read this DevSecOps Buyer\'s Guide and get the comprehensive checklist you need to assess, vet, and purchase a DevSecOps platform that delivers accurate, continuous, and integrated security monitoring and remediation. Areas covered in the guide include:      • Vulnerability Identification and Analysis      • Software Composition Analysis (SCA)      • Runtime Protection      • Risk Posture      • Reporting and Compliance      • And more…

データサイエンスのための クラウドデータプラットフォーム

データサイエンティストがMLモデルを構築して業務を行うには、大量のデータが必要です。AIの時代において、データへのすばやく正確なアクセスを実現できるかどうかは、サービスの重要な差別化要因となっています。データマネージメント(分析のためのデータの発見、アクセス保護、クレンジング、結合、準備)は、一般的に、モデル構築プロセスのなかでももっとも時間を要する箇所とされています。 このホワイトペーパーでは、データサイエンスやMLに関する今日の取り組みを促進するデータ要件を見極める手助けをします。同時に、業界をリードするSnowflakeとパートナーのツールをサポートするクラウドデータプラットフォームにより、それらの要件を満たす方法について解説します。下記の項目も中心に説明します。     • データサイエンスにおける機械学習の役割     • 機械学習とアナリティクスのためのデータを統合     • クラウドデータプラットフォームのメリット

データクラウド: データの力を結集し、ビジネスを変革する

オンプレミスとクラウドにおけるデータのサイロ化により、様々なビジネス上の課題が起こっています。そしてその一つが、データのサイロ化により、企業は限られたインサイトで意思決定をせざるを得ないということです。 このホワイトペーパーは、簡単かつ安全的にデータの世界にアクセスできるようにする「データクラウド」を紹介し、その革新的な技術を詳しくお伝えいたします。 主なハイライト:     • ほぼ無制限の拡張性と効率性を持つSnowflakeのプラットフォームですべてのデータにアクセスし、最も重要なデータワークロードを実行する     • 補完ソリューションや他の開発環境へとSnowflakeを容易に拡張する能力     • 複数のパブリッククラウドにおいて、あたかも1つのクラウドであるかのようにデータを利用できる、シームレスな相互運用性     • Snowflakeのセキュアデータシェアリングにより、いくつもの組織がほとんど瞬時にライブデータや政府データを相互に共有・受信することが可能     • Snowflake Data Marketplace – 数千の組織がデータコンシューマー、データプロバイダー、データサービスプロバイダーとしてデータを結集するネットワーク

CIAM For Dummies

Why CIAM Matter Now (More than ever) You\'ve no doubt used customer identity and access management (CIAM) in your personal life as a customer of other businesses - whether you realized it or not. Perhaps you\'ve logged into a website to purchase concert tickets. Or maybe you\'ve used your social media account to log into a new e-commerce site. You may have used your mobile phone to do some online banking and received a one-time passcode via text message to login to your account. These are some everyday examples of how customers are already using CIAM with their favorite applications, websites, and portals. In this book, you\'ll discover how modern CIAM can help your organization deliver secure, seamless digital experiences for your customers and partners.

4 Ways to Supercharge your Security With Intelligence

Having access to lots of security data — alerts, vulnerability scan data, suspicious files — is great. The hard part is knowing where to take action first. Security intelligence empowers you to prioritize what matters — no matter what security role you play within your organization. Recorded Future Express is our free browser extension that makes security intelligence instantly accessible right in your web browser, whether you’re looking at your SIEM, your vulnerability scanner, or even a security blog.

Security Intelligence: Driving Security From Analytics to Action

To drive down risk while achieving meaningful operational outcomes, intelligence must be embedded into the core of every security workflow, function, and decision. This requires a unified approach for collecting, analyzing, and automating data and insights. With Recorded Future, security intelligence is more than a methodology — it’s a mindset, a philosophy for how Recorded Future empowers its clients with the intelligence they need to drive every security initiative and strategic decision across their organizations.

Patch What Matters with Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Patching vulnerabilities is critical for protecting an organization’s data and assets. 60% of breaches have been linked to a vulnerability where a patch was available but not applied. However, identifying which vulnerabilities are a priority is difficult, and relying on CVSS scores alone won’t do the job. Of the 18,000 vulnerabilities identified in 2020, nearly 60% fell into the categories of “high” or “critical.” To truly protect against vulnerabilities, organizations should employ risk-based vulnerability intelligence to understand which threats pose the largest risk and need to be prioritized. Read this white paper to learn:     • Why legacy vulnerability management methods don\'t work     • The shortcomings of CVSS scores     • Why it\'s important to align vulnerability management with business risk     • How risk-based vulnerability intelligence leads to better vulnerability       management

3 Ways Your Customer Identity Strategy Fuels Growth

All eyes on growth in 2021 As we put a tumultuous year in the rear-view mirror, many companies are looking for innovative ways to boost and redesign their businesses in order to jump-start growth. According to Gartner, the majority of CEOs say recovering revenue levels by accelerating digital initiatives will be a top priority in 2021 and 2022. While your business leaders look for new growth opportunities in the year ahead, it\'s worth noting that technology can be a key lever supporting recovery and expansion. In addition to reducing costs and inefficiencies, modern technologies and tools can also help you innovate and grow. It\'s often just a matter of knowing which solutions can have the biggest impact on your top-line as you plan for the future.

The Security Intelligence Handbook, Third Edition

The latest edition of our popular book paints a clear picture of security intelligence, as well as actionable guidance for disrupting the threat actors targeting your organization right now — and in the future. \"The Security Intelligence Handbook” is your definitive guide for proactive risk reduction. This edition has been updated to include a new foreword about the unprecedented state of cyber and physical security, a sharpened focus on six critical security functions, an expanded discussion of security intelligence’s applications for specific teams, and a new conclusion that explores the results you may achieve with security intelligence. Now with a new foreword, introduction, conclusion, and three entirely new chapters, this edition covers everything you need to know to move toward a security intelligence program.

Choose the right cloud approach for your business foundation

Migrating to cloud technology allows customers to leverage existing on-premise investments while taking advantage of the agility, flexibility and cost efficiencies of the cloud. To do this successfully, organizations must consider multiple factors when planning a migration initiative, including:     • Building a business case     • Identifying the right platform and avoiding blind spots     • Planning for dependencies and implementation     • Running your post-migration environment     • Modernizing applications post-migration Learn how to take full advantage of the cloud with the Cloud Migration and Modernization Buyers Guide.

Don't compromise on the level of protection your business-critical applications receive in the event of a disaster. With VMware Cloud on AWS, be ready for any.

Many organizations understand the importance of implementing a Disaster Recovery (DR) solution to protect their business-critical applications. However, your business must weigh the pros and cons of different Disaster Recovery Solutions before making a selection. For example, a traditional on-premises solution, while familiar, could be labor-intensive and require a significant investment to deploy and maintain. However, a public cloud-based disaster recovery solution offers significant benefits, including:     • Reduction in the amount of under-utilized hardware and maintenance tasks.     • Simplified deployment in case of a Disaster Recovery event.     • Increase in the reliability of the DR solution with non-disruptive testing. Read this Buyer’s Guide to uncover what other key factors your organization should consider when evaluating which DR solution is best for your business.

5 Tips for Simplifying HCI Migration

Migrating to HCI involves virtualizing the full stack and integrating the components on a consistent infrastructure with consistent operations. And that’s not all. You must also build for future needs that arise on a diverse infrastructure – from private cloud to public cloud to edge. In the eBook, you’ll discover 5 tips to help simplify migration and learn how a new turnkey solution will help accelerate the modernization of your IT infrastructure to reap the benefits of HCI faster.

How to Get Future Ready Infrastructure for Hybrid Cloud and Modern Applications

Hybrid cloud and modern applications require a foundational strategy to build future ready infrastructure for long-term business impact. Yet, no enterprise wants to endure the economic and operational impact of perpetual change in order to achieve a modern IT platform and architecture. That’s why I&O leaders need to look beyond hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and consider a strategic approach to data center modernization that centers on three major recommendations:     • Build infrastructure that bridges developer-IT silos     • Ensure full-stack agility and security     • Embrace cloud Download the white paper to learn how your organization can prepare for tomorrow – today – and maximize IT investments by adopting a modern approach to infrastructure with VMware Cloud Foundation™.

IDG Report: Passwordless: The Future of User Authentication

IDG Survey of IT leaders shows the impact of 2020 on security and how they’re responding By any measure, 2020 was the most tumultuous year in modern history. Front and center was a pandemic of proportions not seen in 100 years. And one of the ways that COVID-19 has disrupted lives and upended businesses the world over has been through its impact on IT infrastructure. A new survey from IDG sponsored by Okta highlights the impact on IT security, in particular, and how IT leaders are adapting.

Forrester Report: A Practical Guide to Zero Trust Implementation

The Zero Trust security model is quickly gaining popularity. But many security leaders don’t know where to start putting it into practice at their organization. The great news is that you can build Zero Trust on top of the security tools you already have in place so you don’t have to start from scratch. Get this report from Forrester to discover:     • Two key focus areas to rapidly reduce risk     • Sample roadmaps and step-by-step tips to build your Zero Trust       implementation strategy     • Guidance on how to approach Zero Trust security for workloads, people,       devices, networks and data

SD-WAN 2.0 for the Enterprise Home Office

Security needs to evolve with SD-WAN. Existing security models cannot effectively address the evolving threat landscape and new security requirements driven by the move to virtualization and cloud-based architectures. The current security provisioning model for applications is largely manual and device-centric. This eBook discusses how organizations can improve their enterprise branch security with an adaptive security architecture and SASE.

Managed SD-WAN: Powering Digital Transformation in the Era of Industry 4.0

For new digital enterprises to effectively connect and thrive, their IT infrastructure needs to become automated to deliver security and reliable connectivity across distributed locations and operational eco-systems. With an SD-WAN managed service, network and policy control are separated from the data plane and centralized to form one simple point of control across the multi-cloud universe. This eBook discusses the business benefit of managed SD-WAN and how it provides a single network governance platform that orchestrates the entire end-to-end network.

7 Reasons Cohesity Tops Veritas for Backup & Data Management

Many enterprises today have struggled to evolve their backup and recovery, and are using products designed for a time gone by. Traditional approaches simply aren’t suited for a world of exponential data growth, hybrid cloud environments, and increasing security requirements. Download the e-book and discover seven ways Cohesity’s modern, software-defined solution is a better fit for your organization than Veritas.

Why Veritas Customers are Adopting Cohesity’s Modern Backup and Data Management Platform

Veritas customers are making the switch to Cohesity’s modern backup and data management platform. What’s all the fuss about? Up to 70% reduction in TCO. Traditional backup products just aren’t cutting it anymore. In this e-book, companies from a variety of industries share their stories. Download your copy now and be sure to take the assessment at the end to see if Cohesity can help you simplify your backup and data management.

UCD after MVP

At VMware Tanzu Labs, we’ve seen how Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) can help product teams gather valuable feedback quickly from their customers. In this webinar, Dani Sandoval shares how User-Centered Design (UCD) techniques can be used by product team members and leadership to respond to feedback quickly and maximize the business value for every release. Find out how to foster continuous innovation across your product portfolio by using modern tools to determine when an MVP feature-set is successful, revisiting insights from initial discovery to quickly build actionable backlogs, and more.

To Recover from the Pandemic, Automate Operations to Free Budget for Innovation

The global COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives and businesses. The way executives are modernizing their application portfolios is no exception. Prior to the pandemic, VMware commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate executive sentiments about the state of their current application portfolios, their ability to create terrific end customer experiences, and the connection between the two. Forrester conducted an online survey of 614 respondents and six interviews with CIOs and SVPs from global enterprises across six industries to explore these sentiments. In July 2020, VMware commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate how the pandemic has impacted those same executives and their ability to modernize their application portfolios. Forrester conducted an online recontact survey of 204 respondents from the original. We found that rapidly changing business and customer demands have had a significant impact on executives’ priorities. In the original study, we saw that executives found customer experience (CX)...

Business Bottleneck

In this report, author Michael Coté shows businesspeople how to accelerate their company\'s digital transformation. Software is at the center of how tech businesses operate, how they innovate, and how customers interact with them. But as this report explains, becoming a tech company isn\'t primarily a tech issue—it\'s become a business problem. That\'s where the bottlenecks exist.

Tackle App Modernization in Days and Weeks, not Months and Years

Most developers work on existing applications: products and services that have been built, maintained, and updated over long periods of time. Over time, large organizations develop layers of manual processes designed to minimize risk and ensure compliance. As a result, software releases are often infrequent, high-ceremony events that require heroism and brute force. This bleak status quo is untenable for businesses that want to compete and win in the digital age. The question you need to answer is simply, “How can I modernize my most important apps, so I can get new features to production faster?” VMware Pivotal Labs has answered this question for hundreds of enterprises. The foundation of this success is modernization methodology that leverages cloud native patterns and continuous delivery (CD) automation across your existing application portfolio. The benefits of CD​ are clear (and outside the scope of this paper), but getting there is a universal challenge....

A Practitioner’s Guide to Migrating Workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS

On-Demand Migrating workloads to the cloud can be costly, complex and time-consuming. Duration: 60 minutes Organizations need to address varying Virtual Machine (VM) formats, disparate hardware, network connectivity, and application dependencies — all while keeping downtime to a minimum. But VMware Cloud on AWS can dramatically simplify workload migration. How? Learn about it here in this webinar. Through a series of live demos attendees...

Choose the right cloud approach for your business foundation

Migrating to cloud technology allows customers to leverage existing on-premise investments while taking advantage of the agility, flexibility and cost efficiencies of the cloud. Learn how to take full advantage of the cloud with the Cloud Migration and Modernization Buyers Guide.

VMware Cloud on AWS Delivers Significant Business Value, Cost Reductions and a Fast Path to Hybrid Cloud

IDC spoke with organizations to understand the IT and business impact of running applications on VMware Cloud on AWS compared to running those on other public cloud solutions. Some of the Key findings include:     • 57% lower cost of migration     • 46% faster migration     • 83% less unplanned downtime     • 351% 3-year ROI.

Migrating to the Public Cloud: Three Success Stories

Organizations find the public cloud appealing for its promises of agility, reduced costs and developer-friendly capabilities. And in an era of rapid innovation, what’s not to like? But migrating to the public cloud can be challenged by its demands for specialized skills, refactored applications, operational complexities and governance risks. Can organizations ‘have it all’ in the cloud by getting the agility they need – without the risks they don’t want? Download the eBook to see how these 3 companies around the world achieved a flexible and unified multi-cloud infrastructure to drive innovation with an agile application portfolio. ...

Connected Engagement: Understanding Today’s Marketing Stacks and Ecosystems

As today’s modern consumer jumps from device to device, they expect brands to understand and speak to them without missing a beat. But how exactly can brands achieve this? One of the key secrets behind connected and truly data-driven customer engagement is a best-in-class marketing technology ecosystem (also known as a “stack”). But before you start investing in an ecosystem, let’s explore the fundamentals of how to build and manage your marketing technology stack to reach your business goals. From learning about the differences between a marketing stack and a marketing cloud to discovering what data agility really means—download our guide to building a stack that empowers brands to deliver creative campaigns that resonate with customers and ultimately, drive stronger revenue. In this exclusive Braze guide, uncover:     • Why marketing stacks and ecosystems are essential to successful customer       engagement     • 7 essential tips to assembling a best-in-class tech stack...

3 Sales Trends Transforming Your GTM Strategy for the Future

We know the future will look totally different for revenue teams. We saw the signs of imminent change pre-pandemic. Then, 2020 hit, igniting a dramatic shift in how sales organizations will continue to operate throughout the rest of the decade. In this ebook, we outline the trends reshaping the sales industry and what revenue teams must do in response.     • B2B buyers’ expectations of the sales experience     • The latest metric sales teams should be tracking     • What it means for reps to recreate customer connections Download your guide now to learn more.

Buyer’s Guide to Investing in Sales Engagement

Making technology decisions in an uncertain world Digital Sales Transformation While it is generally intuitive that more digitally mature companies outperform digital laggards, 2020 put even more pressure on businesses as they shifted to remote models. However, digital sales transformation goes beyond simply buying new technology. According to a Deloitte digital transformation survey, to truly gain the benefits of digital transformation, organizations must coordinate and integrate technology with broader assets and capabilities. What they refer to as a “digital pivot,” requires tools that can drive processes and support workflows across the entire revenue team. Enter Sales Engagement.

3 Sales Trends Transforming Your GTM Strategy for the Future

We know the future will look totally different for revenue teams. We saw the signs of imminent change pre-pandemic. Then, 2020 hit, igniting a dramatic shift in how sales organizations will continue to operate throughout the rest of the decade. In this ebook, we outline the trends reshaping the sales industry and what revenue teams must do in response.     • B2B buyers’ expectations of the sales experience     • The latest metric sales teams should be tracking     • What it means for reps to recreate customer connections Download your guide now to learn more.

Buyer’s Guide to Investing in Sales Engagement

Making technology decisions in an uncertain world Digital Sales Transformation While it is generally intuitive that more digitally mature companies outperform digital laggards, 2020 put even more pressure on businesses as they shifted to remote models. However, digital sales transformation goes beyond simply buying new technology. According to a Deloitte digital transformation survey, to truly gain the benefits of digital transformation, organizations must coordinate and integrate technology with broader assets and capabilities. What they refer to as a “digital pivot,” requires tools that can drive processes and support workflows across the entire revenue team. Enter Sales Engagement.

Build a Customer Churn Insights Application With CDP

Understanding which of your customers are most likely to churn or unsubscribe from your services is one of the most powerful applications of machine learning (ML) in the enterprise. Understanding why and providing guidance on actions to prevent churn is where machine learning excels. Churn prediction is among the more common enterprise ML applications and has well-understood development patterns. The application of interpretability in order to understand which factors have the biggest influence and the use of visual apps to highlight that insight, providing corrective actions for the business, is a pattern that will provide value to your data science team. In this demo, you’ll learn:     • About new Applied ML Templates for Cloudera Machine Learning (CML),       which are adaptable sample workflows for enterprise ML applications.     • How to use the Applied ML Template for Customer Churn applications in CML       along with integrations from the Cloudera Fast Forward Labs Interpretability       report     •...

Build a sentiment analysis application in CDP

From analyzing customer experiences to receiving product feedback, the ability to quickly and easily analyze sentiment can help steer department and business strategy. Sentiment analysis models use existing text inputs such as social media posts or customer success emails to calculate and predict sentiment (classifying it as positive or negative). In this demo, we will explore how your business can leverage Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) and the latest Applied Machine Learning Prototype for powering your sentiment analysis use cases. IN THIS DEMO, YOU WILL LEARN:     • About sentiment analysis for unlabeled data using linear models in R/sparklyr     • How to train Deep Neural Networks to perform sentiment analysis on training       data then apply that model to new data using Python     • How you can use Cloudera’s Sentiment Analysis Applied Machine Learning       Prototypes to power use cases across your business today Plus get access to instructions for building and deploying the Applied ML Prototype on...

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