Addressing Enterprise Cloud Security Challenges Head-On

Cloud platforms are the engine powering digital transformation of modern business. In fact, more than 50% of organizations moved their workloads to the cloud in 2020 according to the 2021 Flexera State of the Cloud. Yet for IT leaders, the shift to cloud often makes it more difficult to measure and manage security of cloud resources without impacting business agility. To achieve this difficult balance, IT leaders need a deeper understanding of cloud environments and a strategy for modernizing the organizations approach to security policy. This guide explores these challenges and offers:     • Factors leading to cloud security struggles     • The five major roadblocks to avoid     • Process, policy and platform changes that address these challenges

A Practical Guide to Network Segmentation

This guide is for organizations that wish to develop and execute an effective network segmentation strategy. It explains the strategic goals for risk, complaince, and security, and how to achieve these goals. This guide also includes common challenges and avoidable pitfalls to make your network segmentation project successful. The guide is product agnostic and is for educational purposes

The Perimeter’s Gone. Mobile Dominates. Can Your Security Handle It?

It’s safe to say that mobile dominates the enterprise – especially in the Everywhere Workplace. In addition to changing the way we work, mobile and cloud technologies have dissolved the enterprise security perimeter. This has introduced new threat vectors that traditional security frameworks are simply not designed to defend against. Organisations need to shift their security strategy to secure the new ways work gets done. That takes a “never trust, always verify” approach that starts with devices and goes further than other zero trust security methods. This eBook explores the zero trust framework, and how a strategy using this approach can help the modern enterprise stay agile and secure in the Everywhere Workplace – because zero trust starts with UEM.

Transforming the Business Operating Model in Retail with IBM Cloud Paks

This ESG research delineates the challenges of the retail industry in digitally transforming their business to keep pace with customer demands. The research also makes a case for IBM Cloud® Paks, and how this AI-powered hybrid cloud software will enable retailers to speed application modernization and digital transformation, resulting in delighted customers.

Hurwitz – Why smart businesses view a data fabric as an inevitable approach to becoming data driven

Unlocking the value of data remains a massive challenge for some companies. The key to success is the ability to turn data into a strategic and manageable asset by adopting a data fabric strategy to eliminate complexity. Read the thought-leadership report to learn how a data fabric approach can help your enterprise deliver a manageable, predictable and resilient platform with AI and automation built within. You’ll discover how IBM Cloud Pak for Data delivers an end-to-end suite of capabilities to help you succeed in data and AI, including capabilities that enable a data fabric, such as: - AutoSQL - AutoAI - AutoPrivacy - AutoCatalog

How to choose the right data warehouse for AI

Choosing the right data warehouse can be particularly difficult in today\'s complex landscape driven by the need for increasingly faster insight and AI compatibility. This eBook discusses those challenges, a data warehouse built to overcome them, and three separate deployment options along with their use cases.

2021 Cost of a Data Breach

Insights to help you quantify security risk The Cost of a Data Breach Report offers insights that help you understand risk in a changing world. Understand broad trends, and dive deeper into factors that can amplify costs or help mitigate financial losses. Register for the report to discover: • Cost mitigation effects of solutions from automation to zero trust • How remote work due to COVID-19 impacted cost and response time • Factors that can amplify costs, including complexity and compliance failures • Benchmarks based on industry and region

Omdia Universe: Selecting a Global IT Security Services Provider

This inaugural Omdia Universe report from Informa Tech, the company behind Black Hat and Dark Reading, offers an independent, comprehensive, end-to-end assessment of world-leading global IT security service providers across two major IT security dimensions: end-to-end service capability and customer experience, and will help you understand who is best suited to meet your unique challenges. See why IBM Security is the stand alone industry leader in this new report, excelling in breadth, depth, and customer experience globally for large enterprises and government organizations. Learn about: • Unique combination of skills, AI, customer centric approach and fully customized engagements • Compare findings for leading Security Services organizations • Get insight into Managed Security Services, Security Consulting and expertise, Threat Detection, Intelligence and Management as well as cutting edge services addressing specific industries and emerging tech like IoT, 5G and hybrid-cloud and applications.

IBM Security Risk Quantification Smart Paper

Security risk quantification empowers business decisions CEOs and board executives need the critical ability to connect security risk management with their overall business strategy. By quantifying security risk into dollar amounts, executive board members get a better understanding of what potential financial impacts their organizations face without taking corrective actions. Security risk quantification makes security strategy consumable to upper management including board executives for buy-in. Read the paper to learn how CISOs can convey strategy and technical requirements to the C-suite in language everyone understands. Learn more about Security Risk Quantification.

IBM Cloud Compliance Smart Paper

Turning the regulatory challenges of cloud into competitive advantage. While hybrid cloud and multicloud usage have increased for businesses, so have challenges to maintain compliance with various regulations and cloud security requirements. Cloud brings a shared security responsibility model that has expectations from the client – including compliance to regulatory agencies. Read the paper to learn how cloud security posture management is critical for your overall cloud security strategy.

Hyper-automation for Better IT and User Experiences

The traditional IT approach to service and delivery experiences are challenged daily with the explosion of endpoints and critical IoT devices. These devices generate a multitude of data that gets coupled with an impending rise in security threats. This white paper helps illustrate how using a hyper-automation platform enables proactive support by enabling IT environments to continuously self-heal, self-service devices, and provide personalized self-service end user experiences. This results in an empowered staff, accelerated threat response, all while providing actionable insights and real-time visibility into the IT environment. Get the white paper.

IT Service and Asset Management Essential Guide

IT complexity has exploded in recent years with the shift to the remote workforce and managing growing numbers of endpoints. IT teams are working hard to keep with the rapid pace of the changing technology environment. Read this essential guide that provides a comprehensive overview of a variety of service and asset management capabilities that are associated with three IT maturity levels. This Part 1 guide is the first of a 4 part e-series to provide a roadmap dedicated to helping ITSM teams plan for continual improvement and provide direction on the next steps to help increase the value of IT service and asset management to the overall business. Get the guide.

Adobe Sign is named a Leader in IDC\’s MarketScape: Worldwide eSignature Software 2021 report.

IDC has named Adobe Sign a Leader in their MarketScape: Worldwide eSignature Software 2021 report evaluating top e-signature software—the only current e-signature benchmark report by a major analyst firm. Adobe Sign’s placement in the Leaders category validates our competitive and growing market share and clearly shows our top position, above DocuSign, on the capabilities axis—underscoring the importance of selecting an e-signature solution that meets the demanding requirements of the new hybrid-work normal: flexible signing options, anytime/anywhere/any device access, embedded workflows in the most widely used enterprise applications, and overall value to customers. The report affirms Adobe’s “broad experience and vision around how integrated productivity software and digital workflows transform business processes and customer and employee experiences” as a key differentiator and strength in embedded integrations with enterprise applications like Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Workday.

How much should you pay for PCI DSS certification?

Gain an understanding of what PCI complaince requires of organizations asa well as the true cost of obtaining compliance, including:     • What benefits your company will enjoy by investing in PCI compliance     • The cost of non-compliance, including data breach costs     • A breakdown of upfront and ongoing costs for each level of PCI compliance

The Evolution of PCI DSS

Learn about the history of PCI DSS and what\'s expected with the release of PCI DSS 4.0, including     • Details on how PCI DSS has changed with each new iteration since 2004     • Information on the additional requirements of PCI 4.0 for designated entities     • Knowledge on the expected rise in adoption of the PCI Software Security Framework

The State of Secure Access in North America

In the past 12 months, security and IT leaders in North America have experienced a number of security threats. To combat these growing challenges, they’re prioritizing a number of secure access initiatives, and are planning to align them against a zero trust protocol. But among different industries – namely software, financial services, manufacturing and healthcare – those priorities differ. Ivanti and Pulse surveyed 275 North American IT and security leaders to uncover their secure access priorities for the next 12 months and discover how they’ll be used to reduce the frequency of security challenges. Download the report to learn more.

2021 Zero Trust Report

The 2021 Cybersecurity Insiders zero trust report reveals how enterprises are implementing zero trust security in their organizations, including key drivers, adoption trends, technologies, investments, and benefits. To provide this information, they surveyed cybersecurity professionals ranging from technical executives to IT security practitioners, representing a balanced cross-section of organizations of varying sizes across multiple industries. Download the copy to learn key findings and help you as you continue your efforts in protecting your IT environments.

Transforming Document Workflows for Growth and Innovation in Future-Forward Small and Midsize Businesses

This InfoBrief is a “how-to-guide” for small and midsize businesses on how to proceed through their workflow transformation journeys. Recent global disruptions have demonstrated that organizations need to be able to rapidly adapt and respond to business disruptions. A new definition of resiliency is required and a hybrid workforce is the new reality. This InfoBrief explores what these changes mean for e-signature solutions and what companies need to take into account in their digital and business transformation strategies

Modernized E-Signatures Boost Efficiency, Empower Employees, and Satisfy Customers

There has been a lot of great innovation and modernization in today’s business technologies. For example, next-generation e-signature solutions have enabled businesses to complete contracts with clients, on-board new hires and increase security and efficiency by removing outdated processes and providing anywhere and anytime access and capabilities. But often these tools are siloed off from the other technologies that businesses use to stay productive and get things done, which can slow processes, complicate deals and reduce security and compliance. But Aberdeen research has found that when organizations utilize best-of-breed e-signature technologies, that work seamlessly with tools for document and asset creation and management, they simplify tasks, improve security and boost employee and customer satisfaction. In this report, we’ll look at how leading businesses are choosing the right e-signature solutions and partners that bring increased agility and efficiency. And we\'ll offer best practices and steps that businesses can follow to get...

The Complete Guide to International Worker Classification

Employee vs. Contractor: Compliance Is Key When You Hire Globally Is your company deciding between hiring international employees or contractors? It’s vital to know the difference between these two types of workers to classify them correctly, avoid penalties, and protect the intellectual property generated for your company. Download this eBook to learn: • The difference between international employees and contractors. • The risks of worker misclassification. • Your options for hiring international employees and contractors.

How SonicWall navigated international expansion & corporate change with the help of an Employer of Record

SonicWall has seen a number of organizational changes throughout its 30-year history, from its early days as an innovator in SMB network security to its decade as a public company, its five years as a part of Dell and the past five years of private ownership following divestiture. When the time came following the Dell divestiture to set up new systems and processes to manage employees scattered throughout Europe and Asia, there was only one obvious answer: use Globalization Partners’ global employment platform. “We had a few countries under Globalization Partners when we split from Dell, but the larger balance was with another provider. However, Globalization Partners quickly proved to be our go-to partner because of their commitment to service, attention to detail, investments in technology, and excellent communication. As time went on, we eventually standardized around Globalization Partners and have never looked back,” said Bryce Ashcraft, Vice President of Global...

Solving Data Center Pain Points with Intent-Based Networking

Data center networks are complex beasts. Network engineers approach data center operations and management with caution because even the smallest change can result in unintended outcomes, including performance degradation, security holes, policy violations, and downtime. This white paper provides a brief overview of IBN and Apstra AOS. It also discusses five major data center challenges and explains how Apstra’s solution resolves those challenges for network architects and engineers.

Intent-Based Network for Dummies

Intent-based networking (IBN) has become a hot buzzword in the networking industry, with marketing departments at all sorts of vendors waving the “intent flag.” Some have legitimate products, some have cobbled together bits and pieces out of their product portfolios and called it an IBN solution, and some supposed IBN products perform only a part of what a real IBN system (IBNS) does. This book waves away the fog to provide you with a clear understanding of what IBN really is. You look at what intent means in the context of network operations and how an IBNS applies that intent to a network across its entire life cycle. You also delve into what features and characteristics an IBNS requires to fulfill its mission. You look at practical examples and testing of IBN before circling back to the benefits, just so you leave with a good feeling about the whole thing.

How to Solve DC Challenges with Intelligent Automation

According to Gartner, simplifying IT infrastructure is the Number 1 strategic priority for businesses today. Read this detailed Architecture Overview White Paper on how and why Apstra was designed for building, deploying, operating, managing, and troubleshooting data center networks. Juniper® Apstra has been purpose-built to automate the full life cycle of the data center network operations and architecture. This paper describes some of the most difficult issues confronting data center networking teams today such as: • Reliable change management • Scalability • Extensibility • DC reference design

Preparing for the Next-Generation Cloud Data Architecture

Data architectures to support reporting, business intelligence, and analytics have evolved dramatically over the past 10 years. Instead of considering the data warehouse and the data lake as independent “data islands” that coexist in a cloud platform, it is time to reconsider the fundamental ways that information is accumulated, managed, and then provisioned to the different downstream data consumers. Download this TDWI Checklist report to understand:     • How your organization can make this transition to a modernized data architecture     • The decision making around this transition     • The steps required to best take advantage of this modernized architecture and environment

5 Key Recommendations for Your Next-Gen Cloud Data Architecture

Traditional data architectures based on data warehouses fail to meet business requirements for analytics and leave you unprepared for the future. As you migrate data and applications to the cloud, it’s time to rethink traditional data architectures. Download the infographic to learn:     • Data and architecture considerations for cloud migration     • Challenges of traditional data architectures     • 5 recommendations for modern cloud data architecture

The secrets to a successful managed print service

It can be hard to know where to start when you’re looking to move to a managed print service or switch your existing provider. Especially if you have multiple sites, all with their own unique needs. It may feel like a big risk to take. According to the latest Quocirca MPS Landscape report, many business leaders feel their MPS has failed to deliver on its promises. However, there is a clear demand for the benefits MPS offers such as digital transformation and improved security and sustainability. Finding the right partner is key, as is asking them the right questions. To ensure that your vendor can provide a solution that delivers against your objectives, we’ve put together this short checklist for each stage to help you get the resolutions you need.

A New Horizon for Printing

In the last decade alone there has been a host of new technologies that have completely transformed the way we work. Yet for many organisations an integral part of their IT infrastructure has remained static – their print fleet. What few realise is that in the background printers have been experiencing a quiet revolution and have evolved far beyond their humble origins to become powerful devices with a host of advanced features. This whitepaper looks at recent innovations in the printing sphere, as well as potentially ground-breaking advancements that lie on the horizon. Discover how these new print processes are quickly becoming ubiquitous in the workplace and learn more about the benefits early adopters can enjoy.

How to Put Winning Product Messaging in Front of Every Rep

During calls, your reps need the right product information at their fingertips to build customer confidence. As a sales manager, you don’t have time to attend every call or field every product question. You need an easy way to:     ● Guide reps to success with real-time intelligence     ● Onboard new reps faster     ● Increase productivity of all reps     ● Improve meetings both live in the moment and after the fact     ● Spot key buyer signals and turn data into deals     ● Fortunately, Outreach has a solution that can resolve these challenges in order to help your team collectively close deals faster. Discover a smart, scalable way to put effective product messaging in front of your reps during calls in our new e-book, “How to Put Winning Product Messaging in Front of Every Rep.

2021 Lookout Energy Industry Threat Report

Energy is at the epicenter: as more mobile devices are used than ever before, the already strained energy industry is becoming the prime target for bad actors — with surging mobile phishing threats and an app encounter rate that is two times higher than the average of all other industries. Read about these trends from the past year, learn what they mean to you, and find out how to better protect your organization. Spoiler alert: brace for more to come...

Building Sustainability into the Modern Business Landscape

The modern business landscape requires a new focus on climate responsibilities. In this eBook, we’ll explore the modern business landscape and how responsible companies are taking action to increase business productivity in the digital age and reduce their impact on the environment.

Why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure over Amazon Web Services

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is built for enterprises seeking higher performance, lower costs, and easier cloud migration for their applications. Customers choose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure over AWS for several reasons below:     • Consume cloud services in the public cloud or within their own data center       with Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer.     • Can migrate and run any workload as is on Oracle Cloud, including Oracle       databases and applications, VMware, or bare metal servers.     • Customers can easily implement security controls and automation to prevent       misconfiguration errors and implement security best practices.     • Have lower risks with Oracle’s end-to-end SLAs covering performance,       availability, and manageability of services. Finally, their workloads achieve better performance at a significantly lower cost with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure than AWS. This whitepaper outlines what makes Oracle Cloud Infrastructure a better cloud platform than AWS. Download to know more.

Splunk Named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Splunk is proud to be named a “Leader” in 2021 Gartner’s Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) for 8 years Download your complimentary copy of the report to find out why. Thousands of organizations around the world use Splunk as their SIEM for security monitoring, advanced threat detection, incident investigation and forensics, incident response, SOC automation and a wide range of security analytics and operations use cases. Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings or other designation. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner’s Research & Advisory organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. GARTNER is a registered trademark...

State of Security 2021

Global research defines post-COVID security challenges, from remote work vulnerabilities to supply chain attacks. Our global survey finds that the challenges of a post-COVID, post-SolarWinds world have security and IT leaders scrambling for new strategies. Across regions and industries, we let the data tell the story: 49% of organizations say keeping up with security is harder than it was two years ago — especially in a multicloud world. 78% of security and IT leaders worry that they’ll be hit by a SolarWinds-style attack. 88% of organizations say they’re increasing security spending — and 35% say “significantly.” So now what? We look at how security teams are reassessing supply chains, adopting automation, using analytics more intelligently (and just plain more), and adopting zero trust. Get the report to learn about the findings in full.

Top 5 SIEM Trends to Watch in 2021

SIEM technology has been around for a while, with the fundamental capabilities of the platform dating back to over a decade ago. Since then, SIEM solutions have become more of an information platform, with enterprise demands for better security driving much of the SIEM market. Many of the newer capabilities now offered on the market are a significant driving force behind the adoption of SIEM software. The Gartner Magic Quadrant (MQ) highlights this growing set of criteria for customers and vendors alike, covering everything from risk-based monitoring and response to cloud and app security to options in deployment architecture. Download your complimentary copy of Top 5 SIEM Trends to Watch in 2021 and discover how: Cloud and app security is becoming a top priority There will be a greater focus on risk-based alerts Out-of-the-box compliance reporting is now a must

5 Key Ways CISOs Can Accelerate the Business

Now more than ever, chief information security officers (CISOs) are expected to weigh in on board-level decisions. In an increasingly competitive landscape, business acumen has become just as important as technical know-how, and executives rely on the CISO to map security programs to business objectives to promote growth and generate revenue. In a new report conducted by Forrester, CISOs are encouraged to align security with the enterprise, as well as juggle key innovations and manage the skills gap. Download your copy of 5 Key Ways CISOs Can Accelerate the Business and discover how to: Embed security into your business strategy. Create a strategic road map for long-term planning. Better understand your board’s business needs.

The Ultimate Guide to Omnichannel Customer Service

How to create modern, effortless experiences for both your customers and your support team. Customers have changed, and so have their expectations from you. They want more from businesses than they did just two years ago. And the modern customer journey isn’t always linear, especially as digital channels dominate preferences. They also expect every interaction to be easy, fast, and empathetic, regardless of which channels they use. Journeys filled with friction and broken conversations are no longer acceptable. How do you meet these expectations to deliver delight? How can you ensure that every interaction is an opportunity to build a relationship? And most importantly, how can you empower your support teams and make delivering customer delight easy? Find the answers in this guide, with actionable tips to help you provide low-effort experiences seamlessly across email, phone, self-service, chat & messaging, and social media channels.

Ignite Your Innovation Engine: Technologies and Solutions that Help you Innovate, Adapt and Grow

Dell Technologies is announcing a portfolio of solutions designed to help you build an innovation engine. With Dell Technologies as your partner, you can forge ahead with solutions that help you rapidly adapt to evolving business demands and harness data from edge to core to cloud, leverage intelligence and automation to free IT for higher-value activities, and build in proactive resilience to protect against cyberthreats.

Shift Digital Transformation Into High Gear

Adaptive compute that powers your innovation engine Building an IT infrastructure that acts as an innovation engine is the key to winning with digital transformation. Because, digital transformation isn\'t a race to the finish line. It\'s a race of endurance and agility. How to put your infrastructure into overdrive? With an adaptable, scalable innovation engine as your IT foundation, you can be ready to drive the business forward at full speed - no matter the destination. Dell Technologies understands that the opportunities of the digital era are counterbalanced by the demands on IT resources. Download this whitepaper to understand how Dell EMC PowerEdge can power your innovation engine that shifts your business into overdrive.

DELL LATITUDE: The New Age of Intelligence

Work wherever and however you need with small, light and stylish laptops and 2-in-1s designed for mobility and productivity. Stay connected with industry\'s fastest wireless and LTE options, intelligent collaboration and privacy features, and a broad array of port and accessories to set up office anywhere. Ensure IT has proactive, predictive and automated solutions to deliver on the promise of a modern workday with Dell Technologies Unified Workspace. Featuring Dell Optimizer AI with Express features and Safe security solutions, Latitude continues to innovate as the world\'s most intelligent and secure commercial PCs.

Dell Precision Product Portfolio

Dell Precision delivers versatile designs, intelligent performance and mission critical reliability to conquer the industry’s most demanding applications. Dell Precision Key Technologies     • Dell Optimizer for Precision     • High Performance Storage     • Dell Reliable Memory Technology (RMT) Pro     • Dell PremierColor for Precision     • Best-in-class Design and Experience     • Dell Pro-Support / Pro-Support Plus     • Partner Certification     • VR and AI Ready

OPTIPLEX: Intelligence You Can Rely On

Introducing The New OptiPlex Family With flexible designs and built-in artificial intelligence, OptiPlex desktops are more intelligent than ever. The next generation of OptiPlex features smarter and faster desktops with proven reliability from the brand with 28 years of customer-led innovation. Download this brochure to know more about OptiPlex Family.

Redefine Your Workspace

Help your employees reach their best potential with the right tools for the job The world of work is changing. It is more collaborative, fluid and dynamic than ever. With our Work Redefined solutions, we partner with you to build productive, trusted and safe environments. Our new way of working requires a facilitated and structured approach - for those working remotely and for those returning to workplaces. The workplace is rapidly evolving. Together we can make it more productive and resilient.

Red Hat Services Sprint Workshop: Ansible for ServiceNow

Find out how to improve team efficiency and collaboration with a two-week workshop sprint on using Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and infrastructure as code (IaC) in your organization.

Accelerate digital transformation

Find out how the combined solution from Red Hat and Couchbase can help you harness your data and use it to fuel digital transformation.

Okta Insights: Accelerating Zero Trust Maturity

Fireside Chat with Anand Banerjee - Program Director & Community Lead - Enterprise Digital (Online, Mobile APP And Salesforce) After the headlong rush to secure remote workforces at the start of the pandemic, trends have become a lot clearer in Identity and Access Management (IAM). However, the urgency to achieve Zero Trust maturity has not waned. Threats continue to escalate in number and sophistication. While at the same time, new opportunities to sustain the organisation, including enhanced customer relationships, are evolving very rapidly. Now is the time for a heads-up look at what is coming in the next phase.

Okta Insights: Accelerating Zero Trust Maturity

After the headlong rush to secure remote workforces at the start of the pandemic, trends have become a lot clearer in Identity and Access Management (IAM). However, the urgency to achieve Zero Trust maturity has not waned. Threats continue to escalate in number and sophistication. While at the same time, new opportunities to sustain the organisation, including enhanced customer relationships, are evolving very rapidly. Now is the time for a heads-up look at what is coming in the next phase.     • Harness the global insight of Forrester with guest speaker, industry-leading analyst, Sean Ryan, Senior Analyst, Security and Risk, Forrester, to review the implications of their latest research     • Share the latest issues and thinking around Zero Trust with globally recognised expert Ben King, Regional CSO, Okta     • Okta explores a customer case study for a real-world understanding of the issues and opportunities on the journey to best-practice IAM Join us for timely, relevant,...

Okta Insights: Accelerating Zero Trust Maturity

Welcome with Ben King - Chief Security Officer, APAC Region, Okta After the headlong rush to secure remote workforces at the start of the pandemic, trends have become a lot clearer in Identity and Access Management (IAM). However, the urgency to achieve Zero Trust maturity has not waned. Threats continue to escalate in number and sophistication. While at the same time, new opportunities to sustain the organisation, including enhanced customer relationships, are evolving very rapidly. Now is the time for a heads-up look at what is coming in the next phase.

Red Hat Services Sprint Workshop: Ansible for F5 Solutions

Find out how to improve team efficiency and collaboration with a two-week workshop sprint on using Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and infrastructure as code (IaC) in your organization.

Forrester Report: The Top Trends Shaping Identity And Access Management In 2021

IT complexity and evolving cyberthreats continue to plague organisations. Identity and access management (IAM) is a critical discipline to get right when addressing these challenges — it serves as the control plane for dispersed users, apps, and systems. In this report, we examine the top seven IAM trends driving the market in 2021 and provide actionable guidance for security and risk (S&R) pros on how to respond to them.     • IAM Budgets Catch Fire Due To Remote Work And Evolving Threats     • Passwordless Gets Real     • IAM Programs Become More Agile     • The Scale-Out Of Nonhuman Identities Explodes     • IAM Suite Providers Expand     • IAM Integration Continues With Network, Endpoint, And Data Security     • Customer Identity Doubles Down On Analytics

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