An IT executive’s guide to automation

Organizations face uprecedented pressure to deliver services more quickly and securely than ever before. IT plays a crucial role in meeting these demands, but it can be a blocker if it can’t keep up with demand or scale as needed. Automation software can extend your workforce to help you do more with what you have. In this e-book, learn the benefits of automation, how IT executives can ensure a successful rollout and adoption, what to look for in an automation solution, and how Red Hat can help.

L’économie numérique, moteur de la transformation des entreprises

Ce document se concentre sur trois piliers sur lesquels repose le réussite de la transformation digitale. L’économie numérique renforce le besoin d’une transformation business. Les entreprises y répondront à condition d’associer leurs efforts de développement et de livraison de logiciels à de l’automatisation, en adoptant une approche hybride du Cloud et en privilégiant une démarche Cloud-native. Dès lors, elles accroitront leur productivité, seront plus fluides, optimiseront leurs integrations et deviendront plus agiles. 

L’economia digitale è alla base della trasformazione aziendale

In questo documento troverai la descrizione dei 3 pilastri portanti per ottenere successo nella trasformazione digitale d’impresa. L’economia digitale dà il via alla trasformazione delle imprese che possono avere successo solo se integrano nei processi di sviluppo software e di fornitura dei servizi automazione, hybrid cloud, e metodologie cloud-native. Seguendo questi sugerimenti, le imprese otterranno una maggiore produttività e fluidità, ottimizzeranno l’integrazione e diventeranno piú agili.

La economía digital hace que sea necesaria una transformación empresarial

Este documento de análisis describe los tres pilares abordar con éxito la transformación digital del negocio. La economía digital impulsa la necesidad de transformación empresarial y las organizaciones tendrán éxito si alinean y enmarcan sus esfuerzos de desarrollo y entrega de software con la automatización, nube híbrida y métodos nativos de la nube. Esto ayuda a las organizaciones a lograr una mayor productividad y fluidez empresarial, optimizar sus integraciones y ser más ágiles.

Digital Innovation Imperatives For Successful Business Transformation

This analyst paper outlines three pillars for success with digital business transformation. The digital economy powers the need for business transformation and organizations can succeed if they are framing their software development and delivery efforts with automation, hybrid cloud, and cloud-native methods. Doing so helps organizations achieve higher business productivity and fluidity, optimize their integrations, and become more agile. 

Trends in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Based on research conducted by Salesforce, this e-book for the healthcare and life sciences marketing industry is a look into business development in a very client-centered industry during a pivotal moment of change. Here are some of the key themes:     • Cross-functional dynamics are shifting to satisfy customer and business       demands     • Data availability and activation are changing how marketers operate     • Personalization is becoming more refined at the crossroads of intelligence       and trust     • New standards of engagement are inspiring and challenging marketers     • Organizational priorities are expanding the roles and influence of marketers       internally

State of Service

This has been an unprecedented year replete with a global health and economic crisis, a surge of digital transformation efforts, and a shift to a remote work environment. These changes have had a huge impact on the customer service sector. To determine the specific changes in the services industry, Salesforce Research surveyed global customer service professionals to determine the following:     • How customer service standards continue to change in the midst of crisis?     • Which strategies, tactics, and technologies service organizations are turning       to in the new normal?     • How service organizations are navigating abrupt changes in their work       environment?     • The impact and trajectory of field service during a time of social distancing. Read the fourth edition of our “State of Service” report and get insights from more than 7,000 customer service professionals worldwide on the state of customer service today and how to best plan for and navigate the future for your services...

Navigating Change: A Guide for Banks and Lenders

How to achieve business goals by aligning vision and values Aligning your company’s vision, core values, and business goals can help you succeed during times of change. In this article you’ll learn:     • How to identify key metrics and measure business health     • How to leverage your core values to stabilize operations     • How to reopen your workplace safely and resume growth through digital transformation

The Future of Wealth Management

Learn how to empower holistic advisor-client relationships. This paper will examine:     • Effects digital technology is having on building a successful financial advisor       team     • Opportunities in the wealth management industry     • Framework to build a long-lasting advisor-client relationship

Making Technology an Integral Part of Your Employee Experience Strategy

Today’s employees are consumers of the workplace. They expect to have a personalized digital experience and be able to connect with information through consumer-like technology platforms that are as convenient as the ones they use outside work. And the unprecedented workplace disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic has made the benefits of focusing on employee experience and the technology that enables it even clearer: increases in productivity, employee engagement and retention, and resilience despite external disruption.

Customize, build, and test while protecting sensitive data with Salesforce Data Mask.

Data Mask is a data security tool that obfuscates confidential or protected information when deploying Sandbox environments on Salesforce. Data Mask supports multiple approaches, including anonymization, pseudonymization, and deletion, to irreversibly replace or erase sensitive data. With Data Mask you can:     • Choose between anonymization, pseudonymization, and deletion     • Select which objects and fields you wish to obfuscate     • Configure the type of data used for obfuscation

6 Steps to Re-Energize Field Sales Productivity

Improve productivity at each step of the sales cycle. Download this e-book to explore how you can re-energize your field sales activities.     • Build intelligent territories that balance workloads and maximize capacity.     • Create efficient scheduling that ensures reps visit the right accounts at the       right time.     • Optimize routes to minimize wasted time driving, maximize selling time, and       avoid disruption.

The Top 5 Productivity Secrets of Successful Salespeople

Learn how to help your sales team stay productive through change. Discover the best ways to improve productivity and collaboration.

3 Proven Ways to Fix the Disconnects in Today\’s Multi-channel Shopping Journey

Today’s retailers realize how important it is for them to fix the “disconnects” in today’s shopping journeys, but many are discovering how difficult that can be with separate legacy systems controlling key business operations. Additionally, these types of siloed tech stacks make it just about impossible for a retailer to get a holistic view of its various commerce points, as well as its overall business. For example, without a single version of the truth about inventory levels — one that can be shared with all commerce points in real time — retailers can’t be confident that items they believe are in a store, warehouse or in transit actually are there. That leads to broken customer promises and requires maintaining high levels of safety stock for fast-moving products. This e-book explores ways that midsize retailers can bring all their commerce points together under a single operating platform, streamlining key processes. Download...

Enhance your org’s learning and development program

Does your organization offer a learning-driven culture? In theory, most teams want a learning culture, but in practice they don’t actually optimize their culture for learning. In the ebook below, we showcase how you can reduce the skill gap in your technical teams through continual on-the-job education. It helps to leverage tools that make learning easy—we call this reskilling and upskilling. You\'ll learn how to:     ● Create a culture of learning     ● Assess skills and build a program to address the growing needs of your organization     ● Ensure your program is successful     ● Create opportunities for collaboration

Are you innovative??

Many companies talk about fostering innovation and engagement, but don’t have the proper tools in place to realize their potential. It’s important to have thought leadership at the forefront; not just to inspire innovation and build your brand, but to attract and retain key talent. Learn more about how to build a successful thought leadership program in your organization in our latest ebook. You’ll learn why it’s important, and how to develop a habit using the right tools and practices.

Learn how to improve cross-team collaboration

Companies both large and small often struggle with communication gaps between teams and departments. And we\'re all aware that poor communication can ruin productivity. In fact, a study from SIS International Research found that on average, employees spend nearly 40% of their time clarifying poor communications and following up on requests for information. In our Bridging the Gap ebook, we showcase why these communication problems occur, and offer strategies for getting your whole organization to speak the same language.


Traditional static analysis testing solutions bottleneck DevOps workflows and delay time to market due to lengthy scan times and inaccurate results. Contrast Scan uses a pipeline-native approach that dramatically reduces scan and remediation times while improving efficiency. Advantages of Contrast Scan include:      • Fast and easy deployment—up and running in three clicks      • Scan times that are 10x faster      • Remediation times that are 45x faster      • Delivery cycles accelerate with e30% efficiency gains.


The sheer number of third-party libraries and complexity of transitive dependencies across the software supply chain makes it increasingly difficult for organizations to secure and protect applications. Contrast enables organizations to manage this complexity while bringing comprehensive observability to the entire software supply chain. Read this eBook to learn how Contrast: •Keeps pace with the evolving landscape of third-party components •Alleviates observability gaps in the software supply chain •Enables a quick response to zero-day threats Provides a holistic security approach to the software supply chain.

How Brand Protection Safeguards Your Customers and Your Reputation

Your organization’s most important asset is its brand. The brand encompasses everything — the people, services, products, interactions — that comes to mind when thinking about your organization. Any damage done to your brand as a whole has an outsize effect and can cause the public to lose trust, and ultimately choose another option. Case in point: 80% of consumers will defect from a business that has compromised their data. But, it’s not just data breaches that can hurt a brand’s image. There are many different ways threat actors can target your brand and inflict damage. Protecting your brand requires monitoring numerous attack methods and due diligence. Read this e-book to learn:     • Examples of the different ways a brand can be attacked     • Why brand attacks can be so damaging     • How to protect your brand with intelligence     • A real-world example of brand protection results

How 12 of the world’s top companies collaborate

Hi {FIRST NAME}, Keeping your team on track is more critical than ever. If you’re searching for solutions to improve communication and collaboration across your organization, check out these 12 stories of successful knowledge management in action. World-class companies like Microsoft, Zapier, and Intuit are clearly doing something right...right? How do they work together? What are their getting-things-done secrets? These 12 stories will illuminate exactly that. Check them out here in this free collection. Hope you find them useful!

The Total Economic Impact of Stack Overflow for Teams

Hi {FIRST NAME}, Many of the team leaders and stakeholders we work with come to us with one common problem: How can I prove ROI on a knowledge sharing tool to my executive team? We commissioned Forrester to conduct a study that proves an average 179% ROI for customers who use Stack Overflow for Teams. In the report below, you’ll see key results like:     ● Average three year savings of $3.5M     ● 179% Return on investment     ● Decreased time to market     ● Faster team onboarding

Optimizing IT Costs in Manufacturing

Manufacturing has not recovered fully from the Covid-19 slump. In order to ease liquidity pressures, manufacturers are seeking new ways to cut costs and maintain profitability. IT is in a strong position today to help manufacturers manage costs. Companies can realize immediate cost savings by managing existing spend more efficiently. Parallel investments in focused technologies and automation can establish necessary foundations for a long-term growth. Systematic analysis of each area of the manufacturing enterprise for ways to run processes or manage spend more efficiently can help identify cost optimization opportunities.

Driving digital transformation: The roadmap to staying ahead of the curve.

Download our report, Leading in a Digital-First World, to find out more about how Digital Trailblazer organisations are emerging from the crisis in a position of strength.Our global reporthighlights key strategies an organisation needs to adopt to deliver a greater quality of user experience, business agility thus influencing business outcomes.

eBook: Rise of the Digital Sales Force

The way buyers and sellers interact is changing rapidly. Field Sales, for example, are now the new Inside Sales; operating completely as a remote, online sales force. Digitally enabling the buyer\'s journey went from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’ practically overnight. Consumers want more remote, self-service education and expect immediate engagement after contacting a company. Businesses are contending with a digital-first world, but still want to engage customers in a personalized selling experience. How can organizations meet demands for scalable, personalized, and timely customer engagement? This eBook explores:     • What’s driving the rise of digital sales,     • Challenges and limitations to its adoption,     • and how to best innovate your techniques and technologies to match the new       normal. Are you ready to meet the rise of the digital sales force head-on?

2020 Sales Effectiveness Benchmark Report

The success of a company’s Sales and Marketing teams lies in their ability to convert leads and prospects into customers. One vital factor in doing so is how well Sales organizations follow up with the inbound leads that Marketing generates to qualify them. In our 2020 Sales Effectiveness Benchmark Report, Conversica commissioned independent researchers to secretly shop 1,177 companies across the technology, telecommunications and media & entertainment industries. This report analyzes their efforts to engage with inbound leads and identifies trends in lead engagement strategies. Companies and industries were graded using four key elements of lead engagement, which we identify as the 4Ps of sales effectiveness:     • Promptness: How quickly did a company follow up on an inquiry with a       personalized response?     • Persistence: How many attempts did the company make to follow up with the       lead?     • Personalization: To what extent was the response personalized? Did the       response move the conversation forward?     • Performance:...

Maximizing Virtual Event ROI

Marketers are being forced to shift away from in-person events and trade shows in favor of virtual events. It can be difficult to calculate the ROI of a virtual event vs. an event you were live, in-person for, as the time to pipeline can be much longer without having a face-to-face conversation as a jumping off point. However, by driving interest prior to the event and ensuring quick follow-up post event, organizations can still realize massive ROI from virtual events. You\'ll Learn:     • How Marketers can boost pre- and post-event conversations by leveraging an Intelligent Virtual Assistant     • Tips for maximizing the planning phase of virtual event execution     • How to balance personality and technology in your outreach plan

Top Reasons to Modernize Your Financial Services IT with Dell EMC VxRrail

Top Reasons to Modernize Your Financial Services IT with Dell EMC VxRrail

The Supply Chain of the Future

How disruptive technologies and megatrends will shape distribution It’s no surprise that technological trends are profoundly impacting distribution organizations all around the globe. These life- and business-changing megatrends benefit distributors in many ways, enabling them to:     • Improve efficiency     • Reduce cost By recognizing these trends and leveraging these technologies, you will be able to stay competitive and – most importantly – deliver greater value to your customers.

La gestion des identités et des accès nouvelle génération: la plateforme d\’expérience numérique sécurisée

Il est aujourd\'hui indispensable pour les entreprises de créer des expériences sécurisées pour leurs employés et consommateurs. La confiance est essentielle pour conserver et gagner des clients, et elle est essentielle pour permettre aux employés et partenaires d\'agir et de prendre des décisions. Votre système de gestion des identités et des accès est la pierre angulaire de ces expériences sécurisées. Pour développer votre activité, vous devez disposer d\'une plateforme d\'expérience numérique sécurisée vous permettant de gérer les accès en toute sérénité. Cette plateforme doit être capable de protéger la passerelle d\'accès aux identités, mais aussi être personnalisable, extensible et évolutive afin de vous permettre de créer les solutions de gestion des effectifs et des clients dont votre entreprise a besoin pour booster sa croissance. Cet e-book électronique aborde les sujets suivants:     • Les problèmes de gestion des identités et des accès auxquels les       entreprises doivent faire face     • La façon dont une plateforme...

Les 10 signes révélateurs du besoin de gérer les identités et les accès

Vous avez peut-être déjà entendu parler des plateformes de gestion des identités et des accès (IAM). Les plateformes IAM permettent à vos utilisateurs de se connecter, de façon simple et sécurisée, à toutes les applications dont ils ont besoin pour leur travail. Grâce à elles, vous et votre équipe pouvez également gérer les accès de manière centralisée et commencer à faire du tri dans vos SaaS trop nombreux. Téléchargez notre fiche récapitulative pour découvrir:     • Quelles mauvaises habitudes de vos employés, une solution IAM peut-elle contrecarrer?     • Quelles solutions une solution IAM peut-elle offrir aux problèmes rencontrés par votre personnel informatique?     • Comment une solution IAM peut vous aider à garantir l\'accès simple et sécurisé de vos employés à leurs applications?

Les 6 Phases de planification des réponses aux incidents

À mesure que le nombre de cyberattaques augmente et que les cybercriminels procèdent à des attaques de données toujours plus sophistiquées, il devient impératif pour les entreprises de disposer d\'un plan clair et complet pour se préparer, détecter et réagir aux menaces liées à la cybersécurité. Cet ensemble d\'instructions est nommé Plan de réponse aux incidents. Téléchargez notre fiche récapitulative qui met en avant les principaux volets que doit contenir votre plan de réponse aux incidents, notamment:     • Les étapes de préparation comme les outils et procédures à mettre en place     • Les moyens pour détecter et trier les éventuelles failles de sécurité     • Les étapes d\'identification de la cause principale et les actions pour       empêcher qu\'un tel événement ne se reproduise

Un Plan De Continuité D’activité

Les meilleures pratiques en matière de direction, de gestion du personnel, de sécurité et de technologie dans une situation de crise Pour qu\'une entreprise reste prospère, elle doit être capable de poursuivre ses activités dans toutes sortes de circonstances, y compris en cas de catastrophe naturelle, de pandémie, de crise économique ou toute autre situation critique qui pourrait venir perturber le cours normal de ses opérations. À la suite de menaces mondiales, comme le nouveau Coronavirus COVID-19, la planification de la continuité des activités doit être une priorité.     • Ce qu\'est un plan de continuité d\'activité et ce qui le rend indispensable?     • La méthode à suivre pour développer un tel plan et les intervenants qui doivent participer à son élaboration     • Les domaines opérationnels qu\'il vous faut prendre en compte     • Comment communiquer votre plan aux clients et aux employés?

Unify On-Premises And Cloud Apps

Digital transformation has ushered in an era of technological innovation that\'s touched virtually every business function. This has make it increasingly important.- and often increasingly difficult - to get the right technology to the right people at the right time, simply and securely. Current access management methods are ill-equipped to address the needs of today\'s organisations that often rely on hybrid application portfolios spanning on premise and cloud environments. See how the challenges of providing access in a hybrid IT environment of cloud apps and on-premises apps are met with unified access.

Current Attitudes to Work and Security During COVID-19

1 in 5 workers have shared their devices and corporate passwords with their partners and kids. “BIG NO NO for World Password Day!” Almost 40% of workers at home haven’t bothered changing their WiFi password in the last year. “BIG NO NO when working from home on a corporate computer.” See how moving to a remote workforce created gaps in security.

How to Leverage AI-Powered Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) For Remote Work

With the demand to set up a remote workforce quickly and efficiently, organisations face new challenges around controlling exactly who has access to corporate data outside the safety of the office network. Authentication plays a central role in cybersecurity and the evolution to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) has helped better secure access. But cybercriminals are constantly evolving their tactics -including adding artificial intelligence to their toolkit. As a result, identity and access management (IAM) systems are rapidly implementing very sophisticated AI to further strengthen their security offerings. MFA provides that critical layer of security and leveraging AI can make the technology more impactful, both in terms of improved security as well as minimal disruptions for end users.

10 Signs You Need Identity and Access Management

You might have heard of Identity and Access Management (IAM) platforms. An IAM platform can provide your users with a secure and simple way to log into all the applications they need to do their job. It can also provide you and your team with a way to centrally manage their access and start getting control over your SaaS sprawl problem. Download our simple cheat sheet to see:     • Which bad habits of your employees can be stopped by an IAM solution?     • What problems faced by your IT staff can be solved by an IAM solution?     • How an IAM solution can help you ensure your users access their applications simply and securely?

The 6 Phases of Incident Response Planning

As the number of cyber attacks continues to increase and as the cyber criminals become more and more sophisticated in how they are approaching these data attacks, it is imperative that organisations have a clear and comprehensive plan to help them prepare, detect and respond to whatever cybersecurity threats might come their way. This set of instructions is referred to as an Incident Response Plan. Download our cheat sheet that highlights the major components of your Incident Response Plan should contain such as:     • Preparation steps such as tools and procedures that should be put in place.     • Means to detect and triage any possible security breaches.     • Identification steps of the root cause and actions to prevent a repeat event in       the future.

Is your organization vulnerable to common identity threats?

Traditional authentication methods that rely on usernames and password integrity are widely considered to be broken. As organizations begin to move more sensitive data to cloud apps to take advantage of the productivity gains, the traditional perimeter expands to wherever the user is logging in from. In other words, the identity becomes the perimeter. Threat agents have recognized this as a security gap and are exploiting your employees\' tendency to reuse passwords across personal and professional accounts, among other weaknesses. Let’s discuss the types of identity attacks that are most likely to impact your organization.

3 Reasons to Choose Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

The world is on the move, and your end users are no exception. It’s time to have a security plan that is built to work outside the perimeter. But what authentication strategy fits your needs? In this eBook we breakdown the acronyms, pros, and cons of 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (AMFA). Read on and you’ll learn three key reasons you should choose Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication to combat data breaches, weak passwords, and phishing attacks.

2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center

Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant on the CRM Customer Service Center has recognized Freshworks as a ’Visionary’ for our cloud-based omnichannel customer service platform, Freshdesk. This is our sixth consecutive year on the quadrant and the second time as its ONLY Visionary. We believe that this recognition underlines our success in helping customers establish digital-first customer service in response to the pandemic-led evolution in consumer behavior and expectations. We also believe that our intuitive user-first approach to product development, powerful native AI engine and ability to enrich omnichannel support with rich customer context have helped us expand our presence among midmarket and enterprise companies. We’re pleased to share a complimentary copy of the complete report where you can find Gartner’s take on the current CEC ecosystem and key considerations for businesses looking to implement CRM and CEC technologies.

Whatsapp Blueprint for E.A.S.Y Customer Service

The presence and power of WhatsApp are undeniable. With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp has an over 80% penetration in 15+ countries, making it one of the world’s most popular and pervasive messengers. The pandemic has only added to its prevalence and has seen usage go up by 40%. Leveraging WhatsApp as a customer service channel can be a game-changer for your business. If you’re wondering how to get started, this ebook shows you how Freshworks & WhatsApp makes it “E.A.S.Y” to deliver customer service that wins customers, builds loyalty, and drives revenue. In the ebook, you will find: Our E.A.S.Y framework for fixing the gaps in your customer service with WhatsApp Business API The capabilities and benefits of WhatsApp Business API and how you can leverage them Steps to get started with Freshworks, a preferred WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

Find out what your customers want – Finally!

We analyzed 107 million customer service interactions and here’s what we found. The results are clear - speed of service plays the most decisive role in achieving high customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores. Why should this matter? Organizations are caught between conflicting views - customer service as a cost center, and customer interactions as the key to revenue growth. This report bridges the divide by providing actionable insights to improve CSAT and therefore grow revenues. The secret? Speed of service is often viewed as one-dimensional and ‘good-to-have\'. In reality, it has now become a necessity with strong links to consumer behavior. Our key findings include: • Customers assign more value to quick responses than the time taken to resolve a query • Customers don’t mind waiting longer if it means a better quality of interaction • Higher ticket volumes don’t...

Redefine Speed In Your Customer Service Strategy

Explore the Strategic Building Blocks Of Enabling Fast Customer Service For Your Organization Freshworks commissioned a custom study with Forrester Consulting, surveying 325 customer service decision-makers on their priorities for the future. The Opportunity Snapshot offers insights into the role speed plays in meeting customer expectations and why businesses need to prioritize speed when defining their business strategy. Findings from the study include: • Customer service speed and experience impact your revenue • Customer service is seen as a cost center despite its strategic importance • Near-term investments focus on improving speed and customer service quality

Agile Integration: A Modern Approach to Enterprise Hybrid Integration

Accelerate digital transformation with agile integration while driving secure and timely access to data and applications at a lower cost. IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration brings together the key set of integration capabilities into a coherent platform that is simple, fast and trusted. Learn how companies speed their integration development by 300%, reduce their costs of integration by over 33% and increase their overall operational agility.

Webcast: Modern Planning Platforms Drive Business Agility and Resilience

Everyday your strategies and goals are being challenged by operational disruptions, regulatory shifts and changing customer demands. In times of constant change and uncertainty, organisations that can rethink traditional ways of working and anticipate the future will thrive. This requires transforming old, reactive planning processes into continuous planning based on predictive insights and integrating business unit planning. To achieve this organisations need an Extended Planning & Analysis solution that acts as the single source of truth for collaboration across their entire enterprise. Watch this 30 minute on-demand session, where Doug Henschen, VP & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research, presents the findings from his latest research study on planning best practices and modern planning platforms. He will be joined by Mike Kiel, Data and AI - Client Technical Specialist at IBM, who will demonstrate on how AI-powered planning and analytics solutions, can help you plan quickly and dynamically, giving you the flexibility...

Automate This, Not That

Companies that effectively use intelligent automation across the enterprise will outperform their peers in key metrics of revenue growth, profitability, and efficiency. But, over 70% of companies struggle to activate their automation plans or can\'t scale the investments they\'ve already made. With so many automations false starts, how can you ensure that your company is competitive in the race to automate? When you\'re building the car as you\'re driving it full speed ahead, how do you determine operations to address first? Leverage these six basic automation projects to help you build more reliable, fulfilling customer experiences.

Breaking barriers to drive successful continuous improvement

In an increasingly digital world and fast-changing business environment, innovation and agility are essential. Organizations everywhere are reexamining business processes in order to stay competitive, grow and retain their value. By engaging business teams and equipping them with effective, accessible tools, an organization can also develop a culture of positive change. Nintex’s whitepaper, “Breaking Barriers to Drive Successful Continuous Improvement,” highlights the importance of a willingness to embrace continuous improvement and demonstrates ways to establish a foundation for innovation. Download this whitepaper to:     • Learn how to avoid barriers to continuous improvement     • Uncover ways to establishing a deliberate process strategy     • Create the right environment for process success

7 tips for developing Business Continuity plans that work

Keeping your business up and running during a crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, requires a business continuity (BC) plan. BC plans identify the business processes that are essential to keeping your business operating and providing value while delivering a blueprint for an agile response. This e-book details the following:     • Why you need flexibility in BC planning     • Best practices for developing an agile BC plan     • Why organizations today are challenged with managing the processes that support their plan     • The role of technology in business continuity

Six steps to drive your process center of excellence to success

Process excellence is a work culture built around key business processes. If business processes are broken or non-existent, the business suffers or fails. If processes are strong and well-documented, it affords you the opportunity for continuous process improvement. Find out why you need a center of process excellence — and how investing in one — can save you time and money while improving experiences for both your customers and employees. Follow this 6-step guide from Nintex to bring the benefits of process excellence to your organization.

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